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Czech language one-on-one lessons in Manhattan.

Not in New York City? Try SKYPE Czech lessons!!!

Experienced private  teacher of Czech language.

Also Czech pronunciation coaching for singers.





Dobrý den a vítejte na mých stránkách. 

Is your loved one Czech?

Do you need to speak or write Czech to communicate with your business partners in the Czech Republic?

Are you a singer and need help with Czech pronunciation? 

Do you need to learn or improve your language skills for your future vacation or business trips to Czech?


Or are you just planning a "beer vacation”?



Whatever your reasons and motivations to learn Czech, you've come to the right place!

Learn Czech in "one on one" private lessons! You will:


*Acquire or improve Czech speaking, pronunciation, writing and listening comprehension.

*Discover and learn about the Czech culture and way of life.

*Learn how to communicate efficiently. 

Beginners, Intermediate, Conversational or Business Czech, I have a solution for you!


Start learning the Czech Language today!


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